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Key Hole Gas Camera System

The Key Hole Gas Camera System from Hathorn Corporation was designed along with The Gas Technology Institute in Chicago for unique keyhole applications, and has been widely used in the gas utility sector for many years. The unique camera design and semi-flexible push rod allow for saddle joint entry of live gas mains at 90 degree angles. The Keyhole gas camera is only sold through Hathorn Corporations main office. Call for details.

  • Developed for the Natural Gas Utility Industry
  • Large standard push reel
  • 400' flexible insertion rod
  • Fits seals of entry chamber (stuffing box)
  • Unique designed rugged color camera head
  • Navigates Keyhole saddle joints
  • Adjustable drum brake
  • Replaceable camera skid
  • Machined aluminum panels
  • 12.1" HDMI Daylight readable monitor
  • Large battery pack
  • USB and Hard Drive Recording
  • Adjustable lighting
  • 512Hz Sonde transmitter
  • Full keyboard text writer
  • 2" vertical to 2" horizontal insertion
  • Works with Jameson keyhole insertion tools
  • Minimum drilling 1.5"diameter
  • 2" to 4" lines
  • 60 psi working pressures
  • Developed with South West Gas and Gas Technology Institute in 2010

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