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Hathorn Locator

Hathorn Locator

Can be used to locate pinches and blocks in non-pressurized conduits and pipes. Sonde frequencies are matched to the frequency of the receiver. Sondes at all frequencies will trace through conduit up to 20 feet in the air or 8 feet in cast iron. Simple to operate, the ergonomically designed and balanced the receiver pinpoints inspection cameras, and Sondes in nonmetallic conduits in a peak mode. A large backlit digital display provides both relative and actual signal strength while a variable tone pitch gives an audio indication to the signal. The triple antennae configuration provides push-button depth accurate up to 15 feet and works in a peak, pin-point peak and null modes when used with a transmitter. Whether locating water lines, sewer lines, inspection cameras, or Sondes, this is an economical and dependable locator for companies of all sizes.

  • Backlit digital display for low-light reading
  • 512 Hz
  • Push button depth up to 25 feet
  • Locate Sondes up to 25 feet
  • Weather proof membrane buttons
  • Made in the U.S.A.

AccuView Locator

AccuView Locator

AccuView locator details.- The most simple, versatile, and rugged camera locator on the market. Even first time users can quickly learn to locate inspection cameras like an expert.

Four Beacon (Sonde) Frequencies

Can detect any camera system with the following frequencies:

  • 512 Hz
  • 640 Hz
  • 8.192 kHz
  • 32.768 kHz

Passive Power

For detecting power lines:
  • 50 Hz
  • 60 Hz
  • 150 Hz
  • 80 Hz

Active Frequency

33 kHz for detecting utilities.


AccuView is incredibly rugged. Rated at IP65, it is dust and dirt proof, and water resistant.

High-contrast LCD Display

Visible in all conditions, even direct sunlight

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